Challenge Walk 101 Conference Call Series – Getting out your pre-walk Jitters!

Here is the link to the recording of last nights 3rd and final conference call.


See you in 9 days!


Challenge Walk MS is about thinking big…bigger and better than anything you have ever done before.

We are so excited to come together in just 20 DAYS to celebrate your commitment!

You may be a little intimidated by the thought of raising $1,500 and we are here to offer support. Hundreds of walkers have succeeded in raising much more than their pledge goal. You can too. Each Charleston Challenge 2013 walker must raise a minimum of $1,500 by the event to be able to participate, but most will raise much more! In fact, last year’s fundraising average was $2,150.

Next week, February 11-15 is Fundraising Week!!

Next week we will be focusing on all things fundraising including tips, strategies, tools, resources and success stories. To make things interesting, we’d like to challenge you to meet the fundraising minimum during Fundraising Week. If you’ve reached the $1500, THANK YOU and we encourage you to share your success stories on the Challenge Walk blog (success stories page). Keep up the good work!!

What you are doing is on behalf of the 400,000 people with MS in the United States. We completely support you in your fundraising efforts. Participate in next week’s challenge and enter the drawing to win a “Pamper Me” package including; a swedish massage at Wild Dunes, beauty products from BeautiControl and more!

*Fundraising Week winner announced Tuesday, February 19.

Current 2013 Top Fundraising Teams!
Mid-South Movers ($26,816.00)
Bring it – Pound Tar ($26,255.00)
Team Greenville ($20,198.36)
Current 2013 Top Fundraising Individuals!
Dennis Dirksen ($6,475.00
Andrea Lindsley ($6,015.00)
Chuck Pringle ($5,690.00)

To get a headstart this weekend on your fundraising, be sure to check out the Challenge Walk website for ideas!

Good luck and happy fundraising!


Southeast Region Challenge Walk MS Team
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Challenge Walk 101 Conference Call Series – Call #2 – COMING SOON

Challenge Walk 101 Conference Call Series – A Must for NEW Walkers & Fun for All Walkers!

We want to ensure that our first time walkers are as educated and informed as possible on all things Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013! So last year we implemented a conference call series to assist us with that mission. Walkers can call in from the comfort of their own home and listen to our awesome presenters and voice any questions or concerns. It is also a great forum to share fundraising ideas!

If you are a new walker, please plan on listening in. If you have walked before, these calls will be a great refresher.  The conference call series will provide you will the tools you need for success with training, fundraising and how to plan for the event itself.

Email to register.

Tuesday, January 15, 7:00 – 8:00pm – “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”

Presenters: Marissa Carter and Beth Paramore

 “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk” call will:

  • Discuss how the MS Society will support your training goals
  • Give you some training tips and resources from an expert
  • Talk about the gear you need for training success
  • Provide you with the motivation to begin your training and to keep going when life gets in the way
  •  Discuss potential physical concerns and how you can prevent them.

Tuesday, February  19, 7:00 – 8:00pm – “Getting Out Your Pre-Walk Jitters”

Presenters:   Lauren Gilbertson and Shannon Hinson

Getting Out Your Pre-Walk Jitters” call will:

  • Include final reminders and will be opened up to any final questions



Charleston Challenge Spotlight: Team Kelly

Today’s Charleston Challenge Spotlight features Team Kelly! Denise Kelly has been the team captain of Team Kelly for 5 years. This will be Denise’s sixth Challenge Walk MS, as well as her mother’s.  Team Kelly consists of two families and their friends.  Denise, along with her mother, Libby Cline, and her father, JD Cline, have drawn in the Cline’s awesome neighbor, Kathy Jones for several years.  They have also recruited Kathy’s friend, Kim, and now that she will be 14, Denise’s daughter, Gracie.  

At one of Team Kelly’s fundraising yard sales, Denise met Cheri D’Aprile, and the D’Aprile family joined up with Team Kelly.  Cheri is joined by her sister, Kelley, and Darrell Comstock, both who walked last year. Last year, Cheri was also joined by her father, Tony, stepmother, Marcia, and friend, Steve. When possible during Challenge Walk MS, all of Team Kelly likes to walk together, and enjoy talking and the laughs.  You might hear them coming up behind you, cheering and rooting each other and everyone else on, as they pride themselves on their volume!

Both Denise and Cheri have MS. Denise started the team within months of recovering from her diagnosing attack because she wanted to do something positive, instead of focusing on what she “thought” she couldn’t.  She was training for a half marathon when diagnosed, so she had been setting fitness goals, and wanted to continue to set goals, so her health would be the best it could be, given the diagnosis.  All the Challenge Walkers, volunteers, and staff have become so special to her, and all of the team, that she can’t imagine NOT being there!  It is always tough getting through all 50 miles, no doubt about it, but the team truly encourages one another on.

Denise says, “My team is so determined to walk for those that can’t, we have to make one another sit it out if injured, and pushed through a torrential downpour last year.  I couldn’t ask for better or more committed teammates!” They get through it together, and have the tradition of crossing the finish line hand in hand.  Team Kelly wears matching tie-dye shirts, so if you see them coming, give them a shout out!…They love making new friends!

Have an idea of a great Charleston Challenge Spotlight? Send it to us at!

Fundraising Friday: How Do I Turn in my Contributions?

Happy Fundraising Friday, Challenge Walkers! Here is some information on how to turn in your contributions for Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013: 

How do I turn in my contributions?

Donations can either be made online or mailed to our office. If you chose to mail donations please track your donations on your Donation Tracking Form. Make copies of all checks and your tracking form for your records. Prepare multiple batches of donations to remit to the National MS Society rather than holding them until the day of the event.

Please do not send cash. For all cash donations please write a personal check and indicate cash donors on the tracking form.

Very Important:  Include your name and “Charleston Challenge 2013” in the memo section of each check.

Be sure you have affixed adequate postage.

Mail checks to:

National MS Society, Mid South Chapter

Attention: Diane Payne

214 Overlook Circle, Suite 153

Brentwood, TN  37027

Visit our website for all of your Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013 information!

2013 marks the 13th year for this Challenge Walk MS!

Guess what, Challenge Walkers!  2013 marks the 13th year for this Challenge Walk MS! Thank you to all of those involved with this event throughout the years. We are so grateful to have such a tremendous group of walkers, volunteers and staff involved in this event!

Let’s make 2013 the best year yet!

Share your Challenge Walk MS memories with us by e-mailing them to!

Know a Potential Volunteer for Challenge Walk MS?

Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013 volunteers are essential for making this event successful.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication that each of our volunteers put into making this Challenge Walk MS so special!

Do you know a potential volunteer for Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013? Be sure to check out the Volunteer Information tab on our website for more information!

Fundraising Friday: 100 Fundraising Ideas!

It’s Fundraising Friday, Challenge Walkers! Today’s tip is “100 Fundraising Ideas.” Listed below are 10 of these 100 Fundraising Ideas:

  1. House Party – This is a sure-fire way to raise money. Collect donations and entertain at the same time. Create a theme (ex. costume party) and have fun!
  2. Corporate Matching Gift – Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive from your fellow coworkers.
  3. Your Friend’s Matching Gift – Ask a friend to see if they can investigate getting their company to match pledges.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship – Identify one of several major companies in the area and contact them directly. They may be willing to sponsor you completely.
  5. Garage Sale – Do you really need all that extra stuff taking up space in your garage, attic and/or basement? Gather it up and ask your friends to do the same. Then pick a Saturday or Sunday, put the stuff in the front yard and sell! All the money raised can go toward your fundraising goal!
  6. Bake Sale – Become Julia Child or Mrs. Fields and host a bake sale with you and your friends. You can even have it in conjunction with your garage sale.
  7. The “Extra Change in My Pocket” Box – Create these little boxes for your friends and family and have them place it on their dresser or desk. At the end of the day they can drop that spare change in the box.
  8. Start Your Own Extra Change Box – Keep a jar near your door and everyday put all your extra coins in it…it adds up. Or put it on your desk at work – others will join you.
  9. Office Fundraising Challenge – Speak with everyone in your office and get them to challenge each other to raise the highest amount. Give the winner a prize like movie passes or a gift certificate to lunch or dinner.
  10. Answering Machine Message – This will alert everyone who calls you at home that you’re up to something special! Let them know that you need their support!

Be sure to go to our website and click on the Fundraising Tools tab.  These 100 Fundraising Ideas are listed at the top right.

Thank You, Task Force!

We wanted to thank our Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge Task Force for their tremendous efforts in preparing for this event! Listed below are the 2013 Task Force Members.  A big thanks to each of you for your time and dedication to this event!

Paula Winkler, Chair

Nikki Boyce

Shannon Hinson

Kristin Hoke

Mary Hunt

Tom Hunt

Bill Murphree

Beth Paramore

Ward Winkler