Fundraising Friday: 100 Fundraising Ideas!

It’s Fundraising Friday, Challenge Walkers! Today’s tip is “100 Fundraising Ideas.” Listed below are 10 of these 100 Fundraising Ideas:

  1. House Party – This is a sure-fire way to raise money. Collect donations and entertain at the same time. Create a theme (ex. costume party) and have fun!
  2. Corporate Matching Gift – Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive from your fellow coworkers.
  3. Your Friend’s Matching Gift – Ask a friend to see if they can investigate getting their company to match pledges.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship – Identify one of several major companies in the area and contact them directly. They may be willing to sponsor you completely.
  5. Garage Sale – Do you really need all that extra stuff taking up space in your garage, attic and/or basement? Gather it up and ask your friends to do the same. Then pick a Saturday or Sunday, put the stuff in the front yard and sell! All the money raised can go toward your fundraising goal!
  6. Bake Sale – Become Julia Child or Mrs. Fields and host a bake sale with you and your friends. You can even have it in conjunction with your garage sale.
  7. The “Extra Change in My Pocket” Box – Create these little boxes for your friends and family and have them place it on their dresser or desk. At the end of the day they can drop that spare change in the box.
  8. Start Your Own Extra Change Box – Keep a jar near your door and everyday put all your extra coins in it…it adds up. Or put it on your desk at work – others will join you.
  9. Office Fundraising Challenge – Speak with everyone in your office and get them to challenge each other to raise the highest amount. Give the winner a prize like movie passes or a gift certificate to lunch or dinner.
  10. Answering Machine Message – This will alert everyone who calls you at home that you’re up to something special! Let them know that you need their support!

Be sure to go to our website and click on the Fundraising Tools tab.  These 100 Fundraising Ideas are listed at the top right.


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