Fundraising Friday: 10 Way to Organize Your Fundraising!

Happy Fundraising Friday, Challenge Walkers!

Challenge Walk MS is about thinking big…bigger and better than anything you have ever done before. You may be a little intimidated by the thought of raising $1,500 but it’s much easier than it sounds. Thousands of walkers have succeeded in raising much more than their pledge goal. You can too. Your commitment to walk is awesome!

Here are 10 ways to Organize Your Fundraising:

  1.  Set a fundraising goal.
  2.  Make a list of everyone you know.
  3.  Determine how you will fundraise.
  4.  Direct your sponsors to our website.
  5.  Keep the sponsor sheet with you.
  6.  Demonstrate your commitment by writing YOUR name on the first line of the sponsor sheet!
  7.  Network at the office!
  8.  Follow Through!
  9.  Inspire others to share in your commitment.
  10.  Matching Gift Program.

Check out our website for all your Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013 updates!


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