Charleston Challenge Spotlight: Team Fairbaugh

Team Fairbaugh is one of the oldest teams that participates in Challenge Walk MS. Started in 2002, the team began as a family team but quickly added friends from all over the Eastern US. Inspired by their team leader, Paige, Team Fairbaugh members have collectively participated in well over 150 MS events.

The team motto is: “You’ll never walk alone…” and they mean it. Team Fairbaugh consists of walkers, crew, and volunteers.  They work to make the event successful from every aspect, from fundraising to walking, to event production, Team Fairbaugh is there.

They believe that everyone can help the cause. Whatever your strength, Team Fairbaugh wants you on their team. They have all traveled many miles to support each other and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

As they have said many times, “When the cure is found, the last MS event will be a party at my house- and I’m buying!”

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