Team Captain Connection: Brenda Stubbs

Today’s Team Captain Connection highlights Brenda Stubbs, team captain of Team Orange Crush! Brenda has participated in Challenge Walk MS for 12 years.  This is her third year as captain of Team Orange Crush.  Brenda is originally from Bartlesville, OK, but she has lived in Charlotte, NC for 22 years now, which she think makes her semi-native. 

In addition to Challenge Walk MS, Brenda is also involved with the Ed Stubbs Women’s
Healthcare Fund, which provides Gyn care to underserved women through the Lake
Norman Free Clinic.  She is dedicated to this effort because she lives her life in a state of gratitude that almost 15 years after her diagnosis with MS, she is almost symptom-free and she attributes this to the medications she is on.

Brenda appreciates the part that the National MS Society plays in supporting research that results in therapies that make such a difference in her life and the lives of thousands of others living with MS, as well as the other support services they offer.
She walks in celebration and for those who cannot.

Team Orange Crush consists of original members Mac Martin, Pat Winchester, Erin
Tindle and Beverly McCormick and they have been joined the past two years by Allie
Stubbs and Roger McMinn.  Mac, Pat and Brenda are all members of the Order
of Magnificent Soles and it won’t be long until more of her team joins in
the Order.  They are also thrilled to have been joined by two junior Orange
Crush members–Charlie and Corbin Martin! She can’t wait until they’re old enough to
walk with Team Orange Crush.  Team Orange Crush members come from different places and have different reasons for walking, but all return to Challenge Walk MS to do their part to help put an end to MS.

For more information on Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013, please visit


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