Training Tuesday: “But I don’t have time to train…”

Having trouble getting started on your training?  Here’s some great advice from “The Challengeman” himself, David Fairbaugh!  David was an “original” walker in the first ever Challenge Walk held in North Carolina in 2001. He saw an ad in the paper for the event and was looking for something to do to show support for his sister Paige, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a couple years earlier. Since that time, David has walked every Challenge Walk in the Carolinas and in 2010, was inducted as an inaugural member of the “Order of the Magnificent Soles,” an honor that comes with 10 years of participation in a single walk event.

“But I don’t have time to train…” Nobody does. If you can follow the programs sent out to you by the Society, go for it, you’ll be ready. If, like most of us, you don’t have two hours a day to devote to training, then build a plan B.

Everyone has an hour that they can walk each day. Get up an hour earlier than you usually do and walk in the cool and quiet of the early morning. Pull on your shoes as soon as you get home and walk before dinner. These are easy schedule adjustments that will help you get ready.

If you travel, or have just a nutty schedule, try the Challengeman 3 Day Training Plan.

The Challengeman 3 Day Training Plan:

Since the event takes place on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule, I have devised the cleverly named Challengeman 3 Day Training Plan. No, you can’t train for 3 days and walk the 50 miles, you have to train 3 days a week.

Your body responds to bio-rhythms, or an internal clock. By training your body to exert walking effort on these days of the week, you will be better prepared than someone walking one hour a day every other day.

Here’s how it works: Do what you have to do to mark time on your calendar for walking Friday-Saturday-Sunday for the weeks leading to the walk. Walk as much as you can during these days. It may only be for 30 minutes Friday, but 90 minutes Saturday. Get in as much as you can for three days in a row.

By training your body to work for the three days, you’ll ramp up  your recovery ability and be more ready for the rigors of the walk. Combine this program with the easy daily adjustments of taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking farther away from your destination, and adding steps every day and you will be more confident on the event.

It isn’t perfect, but it does work.

For more information on training, visit our website and click on the Safety & Training tab.


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