Challenge Walk 101 Call Series

Challenge Walk 101 Conference Call Series – A Must for NEW Walkers!

By Bonnie Nevin, Southeast Region Workgroup member

We want to ensure that our first time walkers are as educated and informed as possible on all things Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013! So last year we implemented a conference call series to assist us with that mission. Walkers can call in from the comfort of their own home and listen to our awesome presenters and voice any questions or concerns. It is also a great forum to share fundraising ideas!

If you are a new walker, please plan on listening in. If you have walked before, these calls will be a great refresher.  The conference call series will provide you will the tools you need for success with training, fundraising and how to plan for the event itself.

Email to register.

Tuesday, November 13, 7:00- 8:00pm – “Kick Off Your Fundraising”

Presenters: Bonnie Nevin, Shannon Hinson, Kendall Belk, and Paula Winkler

“Kick Off Your Fundraising” call will:

· Give you the information, inspiration and tools you need to start your

· Give you an idea of what to expect the weekend of Challenge Walk MS

· Discuss how to include your friends and family in your experience

· Assuage doubts about how to raise the $1,500 minimum

· Share successful fundraising strategies

· Tell you how the MS Society will support your fundraising goals

Tuesday, January 15, 7:00 – 8:00pm – “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”

Presenters: Marissa Carter and Beth Paramore

 “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk” call will:

· Discuss how the MS Society will support your training goals

· Give you some training tips and resources from an expert

· Talk about the gear you need for training success

· Provide you with the motivation to begin your training and to keep going when life gets in the way

· Discuss potential physical concerns and how you can prevent them.

Tuesday, February  19, 7:00 – 8:00pm – “Getting Out Your Pre-Walk Jitters”

Presenters:   Kendall Belk and Shannon Hinson

Getting Out Your Pre-Walk Jitters” call will:

· Include final reminders and will be opened up to any final questions

Be sure to visit for all your Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013 updates!


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