Training Tuesday: Long Distance Walking

Hey Challenge Walkers!  Today is Training Tuesday!  For today’s post, we will be reviewing information on long-distance walking. Make sure to check out the Safety & Training tab on our website for all your training needs!

Training for a long-distance walk requires the practice of what is called progressive overload. The idea of progressive overload is to make your body do just a little more work (that is, a little more walking) than it is used to doing, step-by-step, over the period of many weeks, so that your body is able to gradually and steadily gain fitness. The goal of the first week or two is to give your body an opportunity to adjust to consistent walking workouts. With each succeeding week (except for a couple of “recovery weeks”) you do a little more walking than you did the previous week until your body is fully prepared to meet the challenge of a three-day, 50-mile walk.

For more information on Challenge Walk MS training schedules, please click here!


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