Fundraising Friday: Mini Fundraising Ideas

Hey Challenge Walkers! It’s Fundraising Friday! Below we’ve listed some great “mini fundraising” ideas that will help you reach your Challenge Walk MS fundraising goals for 2013!

•Include a plug for your fundraising efforts in your voicemail and in the signature of your email.

•Use special occasions (big sporting events, birthdays, etc.) to host a pledge party. You can ask for donations in lieu of gifts or just ask for donations!

•Host a bake sale, craft sale, or garage sale at your local place of worship, school, or in your neighborhood.

•Get local companies involved. For example, ask a restaurant if they will host an MS night where a portion of the sales goes toward the mission. Or, ask local retailers or service providers to donate a product or service that you can raffle off.

•Plan a tournament—bowling, golf, tennis, poker, pool, etc.—where the proceeds go toward your fundraising goal.

For more information on fundraising, please check out the Fundraising Tools tab on our website!


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