Team Captain Connection: Tiffany Matchett

Team captains are so important during this Challenge Walk MS journey.  Today we’d like to introduce you to Tiffany Matchett, team captain for Bring It – Pound Tar, our Top Fundraising Team for 2012!  Bring It- Pound Tar raised a total of $ 86,339.63 for Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2012! Way to go!!

Tiffany is a true leader for the Charleston Challenge, working diligently to help fundraise, mentor new walkers and raise awareness for our Challenge Walk MS.  Tiffany has been involved with the Challenge Walk MS for several years; 2013 will be her 12th Challenge Walk MS.

Tiffany began walking for her friend Cherise Mlott, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September 2000. Cherise was diagnosed after the left side of her body went numb while she was on the way to her nephew’s first birthday party.  Tiffany claims that since she’s not smart enough to go to medical school (Tiffany – you are very smart!!) – this is what she does to help her friend.

On January 5, 2010, a co-worker and friend of Tiffany’s, Laura Stewart was diagnosed with MS. Tiffany had been asking Laura to join her on her Challenge Walk MS team.  Laura is now a member of Bring It – Pound Tar. Tiffany says that she took Laura’s diagnosis as a reason to work harder to find a cure.

Tiffany says that her team has people that are triple and quadruple threats to MS – these folks participate in Challenge Walk MS, MuckRuckus MS, Walk MS and Bike MS, and do all sorts of activities to bring awareness and an eventual end to this disease!

Ultimately, Tiffany says “We don’t have a team – we have a family.” That’s what Challenge Walk MS is – a giant family with one goal: find a cure for this disease that affects so many of us and our families, friends, coworkers.

To become a part of this Challenge Walk MS family, be sure to check out our website Have specific questions?  E-mail us at


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