Charleston Challenge Spotlight: Prue Rodriguez

As we say time and time again – we can’t do this without the help of our amazing volunteers!  Today, we wanted to put the spotlight on one of our key volunteers:  Prue Rodriguez!  Prue makes an enormous commitment to our fight to cure MS, participating in many of our events.  As many of you have and will see, Prue is an incredible motivator at our Challenge Walk rest stops.  She also gives great hugs!

Prue lives in Aiken, SC.  She has participated in several Walk MS events, including Walk MS: Aiken and Walk MS: Columbia. Prue has participated in Challenge Walk MS for the past five years, and made sure to note that 2013 will be her sixth year! She has been involved with seven Bike MS events, and has participated in the past two Muck Ruckus events for the Greater Carolinas Chapter.

Big thanks to Prue for all that she does for the National MS Society!

For more information on Challenge Walk MS: Charleston Challenge 2013, be sure to check out!


3 thoughts on “Charleston Challenge Spotlight: Prue Rodriguez

  1. Prue Ann,
    You are absolutely the best friend in the world! Thank you for your committment to finding a cure for MS. I love you girl!!!

  2. Thank you! The Challenge Walk is the most amazing 3days filled with the most amazing people! See y’all in March!

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